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The ballots regarding the recall of Governor Newsom are being delivered to voters. Please know that CSEA is standing firmly with Governor Gavin Newsom. Please see our Association President, Matthew “Shane” Dishman’s message of support and “all-hands-on deck” to vote in this election.

CSEA has many friends in Sacramento who understand the critical role classified staff play in the education of California students, and none are more vocal or influential than Governor Gavin Newsom. He has had our backs throughout the pandemic – from securing PPE in the early days to prioritizing school staff for vaccinations and dedicating nearly half a billion dollars to rehire laid off paras and hire more.

In the Assembly and the Senate, pro-labor lawmakers support CSEA bills that protect our livelihoods and provide the resources we need to do our jobs safely and effectively. That broad support means nothing, however, if those bills land on the desk of an unfriendly governor.

That is why the Governing Board officially opposes the recall effort against Governor Newsom.

We have worked so hard and invested so much to elect pro-labor lawmakers, and we have seen the amazing results of those efforts:

  • Funding to give raises to all classified staff
  • Historic layoff protections for classified staff
  • Unprecedented funding for public education
  • Universal Transitional Kindergarten
  • Universal School Meals
  • Protections for retirees who work after retirement

Make no mistake: if we lose Governor Newsom, we could not only lose all that we’ve achieved but also see our well-established rights and protections taken away. We cannot let that happen.

Governor Newsom has had our back and now it’s time for us to have his back by voting NO when you get your ballot in the mail.

This is an all-hands-on-deck situation because not voting in this election is the same as voting for the recall. We need each of you to spread the word to make sure we have a strong turnout and vote no on the recall.

Matthew "Shane" Dishman
Association President
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