campaigning for Gary Mendez

Rio Hondo Classified Staff on the Campaign Trail in Los Nietos – Vote for Gary Mendez

It was a crisp morning on Saturday. We were met with the aroma of coffee, doughnuts, and pan dulce in preparation for our walk. Candidate Gary Mendez is here with Liz Haney, Karla Bermudez, Maria Carmona, Gabriela Olmos, and Sylvestre Huerta. We paired up and dropped Gary’s literature logging in over 11,500 steps each team. Also, look at what Gary is holding. This is a $2000 check from our political action funding that we applied for and were granted.

We had a great time! Much appreciation to our walkers and to our classified staff who are members of the Victory Club, which is the source of our political action funding (dues a not allowed to fund political action).

Vote for Anais Medina!

Get your steps in this weekend and help us get out the vote!! Our efforts to drop literature are this Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 3:30pm but whatever fits your schedule will help - just let us know if we can count on you. Sign up by clicking the flyer!