Governor Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown, Governor of California

Governor Jerry Brown has released his initial 2018-2019 Budget proposal for this next fiscal year. Below are highlights that affect the community colleges (retrieved from

Highlights of key Community College Budget Issues

Prop 98 funding Level: Overall, the budget provides $780 million in new Proposition 98 general fund spending for the California Community Colleges (CCCs). The state general fund is estimated to increase by approximately $5.8 billion, or approximately 4% in 2018-19.

New Funding/Apportionment Formula: Governor Brown proposes $175 million support the community colleges transition to a new funding formula for general purpose apportionments. The proposed formula is composed of a Base Grant (based on enrollment), a Supplemental Grant (based on number of low-income students that the district enrolls), and a Student Success Initiative Grant that would rewards colleges’ progress on improving student success metrics. The formula also includes a hold harmless provision that ensures that no district receives less funding than is currently allocated.

Growth and COLA: The budget proposes an increase of $60 million in general purpose apportionments for enrollment growth, and $161.2 million for a 2.51% COLA.

New Online Community College: The budget includes $120 million ($20 million ongoing) to create a fully online community college that would focus on vocational training, career advancement opportunities, and credentialing for careers in child development, the service sector, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, in-home supportive services, and other areas. The enrollment focus would be on working adults who are not currently accessing higher education. This is intended to serve up 2.5 million adults, who are not currently accessing higher education.

California College Promise (AB 19): The budget proposal includes $46 million to support the implementation of the California College Promise (as enacted by AB 19), which rescinds the $46 per unit fee for all first-time resident students enrolled in 12 or more units per semester during their first year. AB 19 waives fees for those students enrolled for the first time in the community college system and who take at least 12 units per semester.

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