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The following are standing committees of the chapter. Please use the interest form located on this page to volunteer for a committee.


The Auditing committee is responsible for receiving and auditing the books and records of the Treasurer immediately after the close of each fiscal year.

Budget Taskforce Support Committee

This committee will aid the Negotiations committee by reviewing Rio Hondo Board Agendas for purchase order expenses, unnecessary travel, new hires, change orders, and anything that can be used to improve our ability to negotiate a better contract.  In addition, this committee will be responsible for gathering and compiling input from our members and from other chapters or colleges should there be another District Budget Taskforce Committee.   

CSEA Scholarship Committee

The CSEA Scholarship committee is responsible for establishing criteria for members who wish to apply for the scholarship, as well as screening and determining possible recipients.  

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee takes suggestions for changes or additions to the current Constitution and By-Laws from the membership at the beginning of the calendar year and prepares a working copy for the membership to approve and send to the State CSEA office with corrections/improvements.  


The Election Tellers oversee the preparation, distribution, and counting of the ballots in chapter elections, and certify the election results to the Chapter President.  The committee ensures the election procedures are in accordance with provisions of the State association Constitution and Bylaws and Policy and the chapters Constitution. 


The Grievance Committee supervises and assists the operation of the Job Steward Program within the chapter.  This committee should ideally be composed of current Job Stewards, or Stewards in training.  The committee ensures that all grievances are handled properly in their investigation, filing and resolution… 

Negotiating Team

The Negotiations Team will research and negotiate the contract for and on behalf of the Chapter with assistance from CSEA field staff. The team keeps the Executive Board and the membership informed on the progress of negotiations and solicits membership input where advisable. Ensures all bargained agreements are submitted for ratification in accordance with Article XIII of the constitution.


The Nominating Committee investigates the qualifications of members for the elective offices and recommends such nominees for the office as in its judgment will best serve the interests of the chapter. 

Political Action

This is probably the most important CSEA committee, in that the actions of this committee could impact Classified employees not only at the District level, but at the State level as well.  PAC keeps the chapter informed about the legislative program of the State Association.  The Committee is also responsible for bringing recommendations to the Chapter with reference to which candidates to choose and/or support for Board positions, and Local and State elections.  They are also responsible for recommending or authoring, if needed, new bills or legislature for the Conference members to take to the Statewide Conference. 

Ways and Means/Hospitality

The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for coordinating such events as the Decade Dinner, Easter Candy sales, the Silent Auction, the Halloween Luncheon, Sees Candy sales etc.  The Hospitality committee is a sub-committee of the Ways and Means committee and is responsible for all non-cash functions, such as Classified School Employees Week etc.  The Hospitality Committee is also responsible for welcoming new CSEA members with a packet containing pertinent information.  Additionally, the Ways and Means Committee and the Hospitality Committee work together as a team when the occasion arises that either committee needs extra help.