Governor Newsom releases 2020-21 budget proposal

Governor Newsom has proposed his 2020-2021 annual budget to the Legislature, building on last year’s major commitments in education. In his budget, Governor Newsom proposes making additional investments in overall education funding as well as in several major educational initiatives benefiting classified employees. “The annual budget is a statement of California values,” said Association President

Going to school? CSEA can help!

If you are a member going to school part time or full time, you can apply for the CSEA Member Career Grant in the amount of $1,000. The application and required supporting documentation must be submitted online by the end of the day on October 31. Members also have additional opportunities to apply for scholarship


Ready to Retire?

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STATEMENT: CSEA Slams Current RHCC Board Members for ‘Institutional Failure and Mismanagement’

Rio Hondo will be facing a revenue shortfall over the next few years due to a new funding formula for all community colleges based on performance and outcome. If we continue our current course, we will lose millions of dollars almost immediately. Even by current estimates by the administration, a likely funding loss for the first year under this new formula will exceed $4 million.

RHC Campus

2017-2020 Successor Agreement Summary

2017-2020 Successor Agreement gains: New Employee Orientation MOU Salary increases of at least 7.77% (3.06%, 3.71%, and 1% + COLA depending on the COLA for 2019-20). The salary gains for the 2014-2017 Successor Agreement amounted to 3.87%. These percentage increases will also be added onto the Anniversary Increments in Article 6.5.7. Chapter 477 succeeded in